Browning 231 Outdoorsman Axe Review

An axe is an essential tool for cutting, skinning and splitting. If you are a hunter or just looking for an axe to cut firewood at home, you are in the right place. There are a lot of things that you must consider when you are choosing an axe. One of the most important parts of any axe is the head or the cutting edge.

This part determines how the tool will perform when you are doing different types of tasks using the axe. If you are confused about which axe to choose from, you can try the Browning 231 Outdoorsman Axe. This piece of tool is designed to make your work easier.

Whether you are skinning game meat, cutting logs or splitting hardwood, this axe is strong enough to handle any task that comes its way. It has a beautiful and durable handle that offers the best grip when you are doing your work. It is also lightweight making it easier for anybody to use it without any problems.

Browning 231 Outdoorsman Axe Review

Protective Shear

When you are carrying your axe to the camp, you don’t want to risk carrying it without a protective cover. It might be very sharp such that if it comes into contact with your body, an injury is left.

This one comes with a sheath that fits pretty well on the cutting surface when you are not using the axe.

Excellent Performance

When you are purchasing an axe, it should be in a position to cut or split anything that comes its way. The axe has a good design that makes it easier to hold the handle and use it for different tasks such as skinning, cutting and splitting logs.

Great for Camping

When you are out in the woods, you will appreciate having this axe. It does an impressive job in holding any sharp end. Even after clearing some bush in your hunting base, this axe will remain sharp before you think of sharpening it again.

Handle Design

The handle of this axe is designed to provide you with safe handling when you are using the tool. Again, the handle is made of injection molded polypropylene and fiberglass making it very tough and durable.


When you are going to different places, you need to carry the axe by hand or you can just put it inside a pack. The sheath of the axe only covers the cutting edge and there are no provisions for carrying or hanging the axe. You just need to be creative and find an effective way of carrying this tool comfortably.

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  • The axe is lightweight
  • It has an excellent cutting edge
  • It comes with a sheath
  • Once sharpened, it holds and edge well
  • It is designed with a lightly textured plastic handle


  • It doesn’t come sharp
  • It is a little expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the axe come with a sheath?

A: Yes, I purchased this axe and a sheath was included. I have not had any problems with the machine.

Q: What is the performance of this axe? Does it do great work in splitting firewood?

A: This axe is awesome. I use it frequently to cut logs and firewood and it works amazingly well.

Q: Is this axe heavy? I’m looking for a lightweight axe that can be used by a woman comfortably for cutting firewood.

A: So far, my wife and I have no problems with the weight of the axe. It works just fine for both of us.

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Final Words

If you are a hunter and spend most of your time in the camp or the woods, this axe is made for you. After getting it, get a proper file and sharpen it so that you can enjoy using this tool perfectly well.

Just like all carbon, the axe head is subject to rust. Ensure that you keep it safe all the time to avoid rusting when you are outdoors.

Get this durable axe and enjoy doing your work in the woods or at home to perfection. It is easy to sharpen and it will keep the sharpness for quite some time so you do not have to keep on grinding it now and then.

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