Different Type of Axes And Their Use Everyone Should Know

There are a lot of types of axes with different uses that I thought you should know about. In the activity world, every task has its best fit tool. Knowing your way around choosing the right tools may not be that easy sometimes. But, once you have learned the specifics, you will be good to handle any task.

Just the same way, different axes are fit for different tasks. Knowing the right type of axe to pick for a job at hand is for that reason, very important. Remember, an axe is an all round tool that can be used by hunters, woodworkers, soldiers, butchers and so much more.

Types of Axes and Their Uses

Felling Axes

Every strike is a deep cut when working with a felling axe. This is exactly what you need in case you need to cut down a tree. Its blades are extra thin and dangerously sharp, making it much easier to cut through the wood grain with.

Splitting Mauls

These are different kinds of axes. If they were a species, they would have been hippos. A splitting maul uses heavy wedge head to pound on wood without sticking in it. It gives a clean split every time you strike an a wood log. It is a great domestic tool that will save your energy and time when preparing fire logs.


From their name, they have broad beards that make them better at hewing logs. This traditional woodworking axe cuts wood into precise beams with a lot of ease. The broad blade shapes rounded wood edges into a flat face.

Hudson Bay Axe

The Hudson Bay axe is also known as a three-quater (3/4) axe. This is because of its smaller head and handle combination. However, this design makes it your right pick when you have a limb trimming task.

Carpenter’s Axe

If you are a carpenter, then we have just found you an axe. It is the perfect axe for delicate woodworking. Both the handle and head are designed accurately to allow more control of the axe.


If you haven’t realized, picking the wrong axe for a given task might lead to poor results. Therefore, knowing the type of axes and their uses will make it easier for you to invest your money on the right axe. Note that, the choice of an axe depends hugely on its intended purpose.

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