Estwing E24a Review

Every real man at one point or another requires having an axe. There are different ways in which you can use your axe at home or out in the woods. When you are selecting any axe, the price is a major consideration to look at. With a cheaper axe, you can still get good value but you need to be highly selective so that you can get the best product.

The Estwing E24a axes are growing in popularity and you are most likely to find them in any store. Estwing products are not always the cheapest but they are good-looking axes that you can depend on.

This model is made with all the essential features that you would love to see in your axe. Starting from the blade, handle and the protective sheath, this axe stands out in performance when compared to its counterparts on the market.

Needless to mention the thin head that makes cutting effortless. With this piece of tool, almost every job that you intend to use the axe for can be done to perfection.

Forged Steel Design

The axe features a one-piece forged steel design making it one of the strongest axes on the market. For this reason, you will never think of replacing the handle under any situation. You can enjoy many years of use with this axe that delivers the best performance all the time.

Comfortable Grip

For the best performance, this axe is designed with a full-tang 14-inch steel handle which is wrapped with stacked leather washers. You get a very comfortable grip making your work easier. However, the full-tang handle may bring about some shock striking and the effect is felt on your hands.

Estwing E24a Review

Lightweight Design

A heavy axe can be difficult to use leave alone carrying it to different places. You want to enjoy your time when you are using your axe so you should highly consider the weight of the tool.

This axe is one of the best models that you can pick for camping. It is lightweight making it easy to carry along as well as use comfortably without requiring too much efforts.

Leather Sheath

The sheath plays a significant role for safe handling. If you are going out for camping or hunting, it is risky to carry your sharp axe with the blade open. With the protective leather sheath, the blade is kept enclosed for the best handling.

Thin Head

If you are looking for an axe that you can use for splitting purposes, this unit is the best. It has a very thin head that makes it very easy to split. Because the axe has a thick edge, it is easy to cut small woods once the thin end has penetrated.

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  • The axe performs pretty well
  • It has a thin head for easy splitting
  • The handle provides a comfortable grip
  • It comes with a leather sheath
  • It is lightweight


  • Some shock is transferred to your hand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this axe suitable for carvings?

A: Yes this is a great axe for carving. I have used it several times and it delivers the best results.

Q: Do you require a specific sharpener to sharpen the axe or can I just use a knife sharpener?

A: I think it will be a great idea if you use a sharpening stone. It will work pretty well.

Q: I’m looking for an axe that I can use for splitting deer hips; can I rely on this model?

A: As far as I’m concerned, this axe is sufficient. I have used it to cut the pelvis of a deer but you need to sharpen it because it doesn’t come sharp.

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Final Words

This axe is great for camping. Its high performance and ease of use make it worth investing your money. Again, you will not have trouble transporting it to your campsite; the lightweight design provides effortless portability.

Bring this axe home, and you will have on the best tools that will always impress you every time that you use it.

Its study design helps you get the best from this axe. If you are a woodsman, this the right axe for you. It can handle even the most destructive jobs without compromising its durability.

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