Estwing E6-DBA 38-Ounce Double Bit Axe Review

There are different types of axes that you will find on the market today. Selecting the right product is difficult because you have many options to choose from. Some come as single while others are designed with double blades.

Have you ever thought of buying a double blade axe? This type of axe is very necessary to own if you are looking for the best axe. You can keep one end sharpened while the other one remains blunt so you can use this side for hacking around dirt and rocks.

If you want a durable and highly functional double blade axe, I highly recommend the Estwing E6-DBA 38-Ounce Double Bit Axe. This is a top quality axe that was initially designed for military professionals and sportsmen. The axe is made from a durable material that is hot forged and heat treated for durability.

The axe is made in a way that you experience the best moments when you are using it. Not to mention its comfortable grip and durable double blades among other important features. Let us find some of the impressive things about this double blade axe that makes it the best selling on the market today.

Estwing E6-DBA 38-Ounce Double Bit Axe Review

Double Blades

The double blades make this axe very attractive. With the two blades, you do not necessarily need to sharpen the blades frequently. Again the blades show no signs of wear and this makes them ideal for handling almost anything.


This is one of the lightest double blade axes that you can come across. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry to different locations with ease. Even if you are going for a long distance, you will not have problems carrying this axe with you.

Women can also use this axe comfortably to perform various duties because it doesn’t bear much weight.

Quality Construction

The axe features a very durable construction which makes it handle different tasks to perfection. The two blades which make up the head and the handle are forged in one piece. This is the main reason this axe feels very sturdy and strong when you are using it.

Comfortable Grip

For you to enjoy your activities with this double blade axe, the handle should be very comfortable. You do not want a tool that gives your hands blisters as a result of high friction. This axe features Estwing’s Sock Reduction Grip for added comfort and durability.


This lightweight axe is well-made to ensure that you are comfortable when you are using it. The blades sharpen pretty easy and the performance of this tool is outstanding. Whether you want to carry the axe for hunting or camping, it will tackle any job that you give it to your satisfaction.

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  • It has an excellent weight and balance
  • The axe is easy to sharpen
  • It feels sturdy and well made
  • The axe cuts well
  • The double axe is affordable
  • It is lightweight


  • Paint peels off with the safety features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this axe come with a sheath?

A: Yes, the machine comes with a heavy-duty nylon sheath which has belt loops. It is an excellent product to have.

Q: Is the blade of this axe thick enough to handle splitting tasks?

A: This axe has an excellent blade. It is thick enough to spilt through logs and other kinds of substances that you want to split.

Q: What is the color of this axe? Is it exactly as indicated on the picture?

A: This durable axe comes with a lovely blue color. It is great for splitting logs and I love using it. Where is the answer of the second question?

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Final Words

With such a mighty axe, you can enjoy cutting, chopping, skinning and other types of applications. The weight of the axe is bearable and users can get balance when they are using this axe.

This tool also comes at an affordable price bearing in mind that the blades are two. It is like you are buying two axes for the price one. It is also very comfortable because the handle absorbs shock for the best performance.

Get this durable and high performing tool and enjoy a great time outdoors or simply using it to cut firewood and logs in your home.

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