Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe Review

Before you invest in an axe, there are several things that you need to consider to ensure that you bring home the best product on the market. You need to consider the weight and length of the axe, which varies in different models. Other things that you should look at include the blades, sheath and handle just to mention a few.

To make your search process faster and effective, I have narrowed your search options by providing you with an amazing axe that you will enjoy using for any wood work. The Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe is among the quality and highly functional axes that you can buy for the best splitting and cutting.

This axe is ideal for tall users splitting small to medium sized logs. The axe provides power that makes splitting logs the easiest job ever. Again, the effective weight distribution combined with other important elements of the axe provides the best performance.

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe Review

Convex Blade Geometry

When making this blade, the experts put the final user in mind. With the advanced bevel convex blade geometry included in this axe, more power is added making it very easy to remove the blade from the wood.

On top of that, the sharp blades feature a low-friction blade coating that gets in and out of the wood with ease.

Protective Sheath

The sheath is the protective cover that encloses the blade. Once you have sharpened your axe and you are ready to go, you need to ensure that the sharp edge is perfectly covered to prevent any accidents that can be caused by the sharp axe when you are on the road.

This axe comes with a sheath that protects the blade and the user too.

Non-Slip Grips

A comfortable axe like this one helps you carry out your work with ease. It features a textured non-slip grip that reduces strain on your hands so that you can get improved control when you are cutting.

The lightweight handle is also designed with shock absorbing FiberComp that makes the unit lightweight for the best performance.


This axe will provide you with excellent services for many years to come. It is designed with hardened forged steel blade that stays sharp longer than other traditional axes.

Again, the inseparable insert-molded head doesn’t loosen and this prevents overstrike breakage.

Ideal for Tall Users

Tall users looking for a comfortable axe that they can hold with ease will appreciate the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe. With this axe, cutting small and medium sized woods and logs is an effortless task.

This axe is designed to provide maximum efficiency so that you achieve one-strike splits. This leaves your job done in less time.

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  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The non-slip grips provide more control
  • The blade is sharp and durable
  • The unique head shape provides clean splitting
  • The axe comes with a sheath protector

The axe is ideal for tall users


  • It is not ideal for short users

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is this axe made? Anybody who has an idea?

A: The axe is made in Finland. I hope you are satisfied.

Q: Can I use this axe for splitting original hardwood?

A: Yes you can. I bought this axe a couple of months ago and I have been using it for cutting hardwood. It does an impressive job.

Q: Does this axe require sharpening, and is it difficult to sharpen.

A: At some point, you will need to sharpen the axe. Sharpening is not a complicated process. You can easily do it within a few minutes.

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Final Words

If you are a tall user looking for an axe that you can hold comfortably for splitting small to medium sized logs, this is the best axe for you.

This well-constructed tool is efficient and will handle all types of cutting that you want to do. The axe is very comfortable so you will not have a hard time swinging.

The sharp blades work perfectly well to get into the log without getting stuck. This makes you job done within a short time.

So why don’t you get this excellent multi-purpose axe and enjoy cutting logs with ease and using less energy?

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