Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo Review

There are different occasions when you need to use an axe. If you want to split logs or cut firewood, a good axe is essential Before you purchase an axe, it is important to look at some of the things that make up a great axe. Such things include the blade, handle and the weight of the axe just to list a few.

For those campers who do not want to bear any extra weight on their backpack, the Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo is made for you. This is an axe that you will appreciate using when cutting any piece of wood or log. Its lightweight makes it very convenient to carry along when you are going for outdoor activities such as hunting and camping.

This axe is designed in a space saving design. There is a hideaway saw that stores inside the axe handle hence proving you with effective transportation without taking too much space. With this axe, you can perform your job to perfection without using too much effort. It also comes with a sheath to protect the edge of the axe.

Find out some other outstanding features, specifications and benefits that make this axe the best choice for campers.

Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo

Long Handle

This popular axe is designed with a longer handle that provides you with the best striking force. This makes the axe perfect for hunting, camping and other outdoor activities. Also, the longer gator grip handle also results in maximized grip so that you can perform well when cutting, chopping or splitting.

Fiberglass-Filled Nylon Handle

The handle of this axe is made of a very lightweight material to provide improved performance. This gives you the chance to chop firewood quickly or any other job that you want to perform with the axe. The handle is also comfortable to hold for optimum performance.

Forged Steel Head

This Gator axe features a 3-inch forged steel head to provide you with greater head retention. The head comes sharp. To keep the sharp head protected, the axe has a protective, durable ballistic nylon sheath that covers the head well when you are carrying the axe or when it is not in use.

Axe Dimensions

This lightweight axe weighs 2.26 ounces and it is designed to provide you with the best performance out in the woods. It has an overall length of 15.6 inches with a blade length of 2.7 inches. This makes it easy to transport as well as providing you with comfortable handling.

Space-Saving Design

This axe has a hideaway saw that stays inside the axe handle. There is a patented magnetic lock that keeps the saw safe and easy to access. Also, the ergonomic design of the saw and the handle of the axe make it easy to fit in the hands of the user.

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  • The axe is lightweight
  • It is strong and sturdy
  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It comes with a protective sheath
  • The longer grip handle provides maximum grip
  • The axe has a hideaway saw


  • The gator grip handle is not durable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the saw store inside the axe handle?

A: Yes it does. This is an amazing axe and I love it for all my splitting jobs.

Q: Is this axe difficult to carry for instance when you are going to a campsite?

A: Not at all. I haven’t had any problems carrying the axe. It is lightweight and well balanced.

Q: What type of sheath does this axe come with? I’m looking for an axe that comes with a protective sheath.

A: This axe comes with a nylon sheath. It is a great sheath and it does its job effectively.

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Final Words

If you are an outdoor enthusiast looking for a lightweight yet durable axe, the Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo is the best option to go for.

You will enjoy carrying this axe to your campsite because its glass-filled nylon handle is extremely rugged and lightweight.

Get this axe with a comfortable grip and enjoy all your jobs that you would love to tackle with this piece of equipment.

This product comes at an affordable price so you will not have to drain your bank to get the axe.

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